S.M.S., an acronym for "Shit Must Stop", was a serialized publication containing unique original edition artworks commissioned specifically for the magazine. It was edited and published by William Copley and Dmitri Petrov through their imprint, The Letter Edged in Black Press.

A total of six volumes were published and distributed to subscribers via mail. Each issue contained a portfolio of discrete, unbounded works by both well-known and emerging artists, such as Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Hannah Weiner, Terry Riley, Yoko Ono, Richard Hamilton, and many more.

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S.M.S. Issue #1
  Irving Petlin, Christo, Richard Hamilton, Sue Braden, Kasper Konig, Walter DeMaria, James Lee Byars, Julian Levy, Nancy Reitkopf, La Monte Young, Sol Mednick.    

S.M.S. Issue #2
  Marcel Duchamp, Bruce Conner, Alain Jaquet, Nicholas Calas, Clovis Trouille, Marcia Herscovitz, Lee Lozano, Ray Johnson, Meret Oppenheim, Bernard Pfriem, George Reavy.    

S.M.S Issue #3
  John Battan, H.C. Westerman, Dick Higgins, Hannah Weiner, Billy Copley, Enrico Baj, Aftograph, Roland Penrose, Man Ray, Joseph Kosuth, Ronnie Landfield, Terry Riley.    

S.M.S. Issue #4
  Robert Stanley, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, John Cage, Paul Bertgold, Hollis Frampton, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Watts, Lil Pickard, Rotella, Princess Winifred, On Kawara, Arman Fernandez.    

S.M.S. Issue #5
  William Anthony, Lawrence Weiner, Diane Wakoski, The Barber's Shop, William Schwedler, Robert Rohm, Yoko Ono, Mel Ramos, Neil Jenny, Angus MacLise, Edward Fitzgerald, Bruce Nauman, Wall Batterton.    

S.M.S. Issue #6
  Richard Artschwager, John Giorno, Ed Bereal, Betty Dodson, Bernar Venet, Jean Reavy, Adrian Nutbeam, Claes Oldenburg, Mischa Petrow, Ronaldo Ferri, Dieter Roth, Paul Steiner, Toby Mussman.